LifeYield Income Advantage®

The tax-smart, time-saving way to make strategic withdrawals from multiple accounts.

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Brief overview of LifeYield Income Advantage

With Income Advantage, advisors can:

Improve asset location

We improve your clients’ Taxficient Score® and their future after-tax rate of return by recommending selling off poorly located assets first.

Minimize asset allocation drift

Avoid constant rebalancing and keep your clients’ risk unchanged, maintaining the appropriate risk-level across the household portfolio.

Harvest losses

Quickly uncover opportunities to harvest losses when making a withdrawal – doing this manually could take hours.

Why Income Advantage?

15k+ using Income Advantage

24% of retired widows have encountered four or more unexpected expenses during retirement
*Society of Actuaries

$285K average estimated cost of healthcare expenses in retirement

The LifeYield Advantage Suite® includes:

portfolio advantage

Measure the tax efficiency of a household portfolio with the Taxficient Score® and pinpoint the tax-smart location for every asset in seconds. Learn more

income advantage

Determine the most tax-efficient way to make withdrawals from multiple accounts. Learn more

social security advantage

Find the optimal enrollment age, filing strategy and layers of income for investors as they approach retirement. Learn more

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