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Account Consolidation Leader, Albridge Solutions, Partners with Transactional UMH Leader, LifeYield, LLC

By LifeYield | January 19, 2010 | News

BOSTON, MA, January 19, 2010 – With financial advisors seeking a comprehensive view of all assets in a household so better results can be produced for clients – often called a unified managed household (UMH) – two leaders in delivering UMH capabilities, Albridge Solutions, a PNC Company and LifeYield, LLC, have partnered, LifeYield, LLC announced today.

Albridge provides wealth management services for financial advisors, which deliver an accurate, single view of all their clients’ assets. Albridge consolidates client account data from hundreds of disparate sources – proprietary, banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, alternatives, trusts, etc. – making it the industry’s most scalable and reliable enterprise wealth management solution.

LifeYield suggests the most tax efficient trades to grow and withdraw assets across an entire household, including all taxable and tax advantaged accounts, while automating many time consuming tasks and maintaining desired asset allocations. Ernst & Young’s independent research found that LifeYield ROI™ can produce up to 20% more after tax income throughout a retirement period.

“This is a great match,” said Mark Hoffman, CEO and Founder of LifeYield, LLC. “Albridge leads the industry with its ability to simply gather household data so advisors can act on it. LifeYield provides the tool that delivers a better investment outcome for the investor and the advisor leading up to and after retirement has begun. With our Albridge partnership we remove data integration issues and become a turnkey solution for broker/dealers.”

An account consolidation leader in the independent broker/dealer community, Albridge provides services to a significant number of the top firms and financial advisors. Cerulli & Associates says the independent broker/dealer segment is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. advisor sector and will control more than 40% of U.S. investible assets by 2013. LifeYield will work with Albridge client firms to provide services that will produce more accumulated assets and income in retirement by minimizing taxes and maintaining the desired household asset allocation.


About LifeYield
LifeYield (, creators of the Taxficient Score®, is the industry innovator and leader in facilitating tax-smart, risk-smart household portfolio management. LifeYield's Advantage Suite® enables financial advisors to provide a comprehensive, tax-aware view of a client's entire investment and insurance portfolio, including easy-to-use tools to engage clients so they make and keep more money, and achieve their financial goals.
Based in Boston and founded by finance and technology industry leaders, LifeYield believes that by leveraging digitally enhanced advice advisors can improve investor outcomes and enhance the value and experience of support goals-based wealth management strategies.
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