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The tour below shows how the LifeYield Social Security Advantage can be used to help you get the most of your Social Security Benefits. Click the "Start the Tour" button to begin, and use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to navigate step by step through the tour of the application. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • A quick, easy to use questionnaire guides you through the data needed to run your analysis.

  • Before going into the details, we show how much more you could get from our Optimal strategy compared to the custom retirement ages you entered.

  • Here are all the inputs you entered. You can change them anytime by clicking the pencil.

  • Here are the results based on your inputs. We compare the Custom scenario you entered (based on your Retirement Age) to the Optimal scenario we found for you.

    We show benefits by month, annually, or in total – just click the tab you want to view.

  • Click this tab to select the Monthly Benefits view, which shows your monthly benefits at the end of each year. The “peak increase” amount shows the biggest monthly benefit boost. You can also find this number by interacting with the chart.

  • Click this tab to select the Annual Benefits view, which shows your annual benefits for each year. The “peak increase” amount shows the biggest annual benefit boost (which you can also find in the chart itself).

  • Click this tab to select the Cumulative Benefits view, which shows how your benefits build up over the years. The “total lifetime increase” amount shows the final difference between the Custom and Optimal scenarios.

  • When you click on a tab, its chart gets displayed. As you hover your mouse over the chart, the details for that year pop up.

  • Use the Timeline view to see a color-coded map of your benefit claiming strategies. For your Custom strategy, the Timeline allows quick selection of benefit claiming ages, and also lets you switch between alternative filing options when more than one is available.

  • Use these buttons to see how to file for the benefits being shown, or to download a report containing all the results.


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